Here is where we answer that question...... 
"What kind of Elvis Appearances do you have, and what are my options?"
We have everything from a "Meet and Greet" appearance with no performance to the singing telegrams California clients love to the "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Show
with all the toppings! and extra gravy baby!
To spice up your show for some of the more basic performance packages, you can add a spotlight for an evening show, or venues with controlled lighting for an additional $100.00.  In addition, you can also add scarves for $8.00 each. Or Elvis glasses for 10.00. 
If it is a birthday party, Elvis will sing Happy Birthday at the end of the performance. The Birthday Boy or Gal will also receive a complementary illustrated Elvis scarf, and a pair of genuine imitation Gold Elvis Glasses as our gift. 
Performance prices are based on location,venue access, service provided . 
Below are all your                 appearance options!
 And what they include!
Meet & Greet Appearance
This is a non performing appearance in the musical sense of the word. You can select which costume you would like for your appearance. You can include one of the Elvis backdrops or some lighting effects to accent the appearance. Examples found under Extra Elvis on the navigation menu
Singing Telegrams California residents love! Our Singing Telegram, aka "The Elvis Quickie!" This is definitely a performing appearance in the musical sense of the word!  1. This is a 30 minute 4 song appearance. More time can be added for $50.00 for 15 minutes which includes 2 more songs.  2. You can pick the performance suit you want as well as the songs which can be found under Pick Songs and Elvis Suits.  3. We use a self powered sound system. It is set-up and ready to go minutes after we arrive. 4. The guest of honor will be presented a personalized scarf with whatever you want illustrated on it!  Also a pair of genuine imitation Gold Elvis Glasses! a 400 watt portable sound system us used to allow stst of the art sound. without set up!

Service option #1
Service option A
Service option #4
The 30 minute Basic Elvis Tribute 
(1.This is a performance consisting of seven songs performed. (2. A sound system that requires a minimum one hour set-up. (3. An Elvis Backdrop for performance, and pictures afterwards, and two mighty mine lighting effects. Examples of these lighting effects and more can be viewed under Extra Elvis in the menu. 
(4.You can pick the performance suit as well as the songs which can be found under  Pick Songs and Elvis Suits in the navigation menu 
Service option #5
This is also a performance consisting of (1. Seven songs performed (2. A sound system that requires a minimum one hour set-up. (3. An Elvis Backdrop for performance, and pictures afterwards. (4. Two mighty mines lighting effects, and the multi-flasher stage lighting. This Multi-flasher effect will allow you a more exciting show! As with the other performance packages, you can pick the performance suit you want as well as the songs which can be found under Pick SongsElvis Suits & lighting under Extra Elvis

30 min. Basic Elvis Tribute with Multi-Flasher Stage effect
Service option #6
45 minute Deluxe Elivis Tribute
This is  a  performance consisting of (1. Elvis Backdrop for performance & Pictures.
(2.  Ten songs performed. (3. Spotlight show. (4.  Multi-flashers & Mighty Mines. 
(5. Ten scarves handed out during the performance. 
Note: You can Include the Computer programmed synchronized DMX Programmable Feature to this package for an additional $200.00. This will give your 45 minute Deluxe Elvis Tribute the "Ultimate Tribute impact"  like the Ultimate tribute packages.
Service option #7
The Ultimate Elvis Tribute 
This is the “Ultimate!�? show ladies and gents! Computer programmed synchronized DMX lighting show to give the performance that Elvis in Vegas feel! It also contains:
(1. Three lighting trusses with various lighting effects. (2. Lasers and other effects will be used for evening shows. Low Fog effects when permitted.  (3. 16-6 foot stage can be used if no stage is available at the venue. Examples of this Elvis Tribute such as pictures, live footage, and pre arranged Performance packages and be viewed in the menu bars marked Ultimate ElvisUltimate Pics, and Ultimate View.
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The Elvis Shows and Singing Telegrams California Wants!

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Singing Telegram aka "The Elvis Quickie!"
Take a Ride with the King" The Pink Caddy Cruise!"
Service option #2
Service option #3
People will watch in envy as you are whisked away on your Pink Caddy Cruise on the designated route of your choosing! The vintage 1963 pink caddy is equipped with a internal 200 watt sound system and a wireless microphone similar to the portable system used for the "Elvis Quickie" This is a gift for all occasions! You pick the songs! 
You and 2 friends will be serenaded by Elvis performing from the back seat and 
Each will get a Illustrated scarf!  Going to vegas or Graceland or just on vacation! 
Elvis can pick u up and you can have a Great trip to the airport!
"The Pink Caddy Concert!"
 The 1963 Caddy is equipped with a 2000 watt external sound system!  This is  an amazing show! Available for an outside performance in front of your home, business, promotional event, Grand opening, sporting event, or parade! This service made its debut at the  29th Annual Petaluma Butter & Egg Day Parade & Celebration Downtown Petaluma  on April 24th and came in 1st place! You can see the example of this service at  check it out!  
30 minute show with 8 songs performed and 4 scarves handed out
The Bay Area's #1 Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres!
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